T-Series - High Speed Treadmills

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T2 Ergo Trainer (25km/h top speed)
T3 Speed Trainer (36km/h top speed)
T4 SpeedPlus (45km/h top speed)

Product Details:


  • Variable speed drive (Latest E-drive technology - low noise emission) 

  • Clear shatterproof MAKRALON® windows (360° gait observation)

  • Patented noise reducing gallop floor system

  • Variable incline (10%) - higher gradient on request

  • Automatic belt lubrication (spee variable)

  • Digital control unit (Multiple program options)

  • 3-point safety system (light barrier, shock threshold sensor, emergency stop)



  • ASC - Automatic Speed Control (For automated interval training)

  • 2-phase power supply fitting

  • HiVent fan system

  • Back & front safety gate

  • Security bar (Height adjustable for yearling prep)

  • UltimateSpeed kit (up to 50km/h)

  • Extended Frame - 1,000mm belt width

  • Extended & elevated observation stand