Low initial outlay (no excavation & infrastructure changes required) and ongoing operating cost in comparison to common water walkers or “aquacisers” - the AQUAgym is the cost effective alternative for small/medium-sized stables & pre-training facilities. Through automated training programs,  individual hydrotherapy (variable speed & water level) is provided but still allowing efficient training routines and minimal staff tie-up time. If your operation requires hydrotherapy/pre-training for less than 30 horses per day, you should talk to us to discuss your business case in detail.

How it works:


The AQUAgym treadmill is the latest innovation in the successful range of Horse Gym products. Gravity is neutralised by the water and muscles and joints are not exposed to the animal's full weight. At the same time, the water provides a soft resistance to increase the horse’s efforts and can be filled individually for each horse up to a level of 1.20m in 10cm increments. The AQUAgym is specifically designed for rehabilitation & pre-training, achieving equine peak performance with the least stress on the horse.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

With regards to our innovative filter system, all suspended matter (>100μm) is removed throughout a continuous filtering process. As a result, efficient water consumption guarantees multiple applications with minimal maintenance and cleaning effort. Also, the AQUAgym can be operated as a "normal" treadmill without water for any training complementing your hydrotherapy. All our AQUAgym units operate on either single or 3-phase power.For special hygiene purposes, such as for clinical applications, the filter system can be extended with a special (POWER DES) filter system (suspended matter <100μm). The water cooling unit (temperature min=8°C) and a salt-resistant  water basin are the latest features available for the AQUAgym.

Your benefits: 


  • Rehabilitation after surgery/injury

  • Rehabilitation after sinew and ligament problems

  • Treatment of spinal and back disorders

  • Rehabilitation of performance capacity

  • Reduces swelling - Speeds up muscle recovery time (Cold water treatment)

  • Treatment of shin soreness (Cold water treatment)

  • Low impact on limbs, joints and muscles

  • Builds muscle strength (Pre-Training)

  • Improvement of cardiovascular fitness

  • Saltwater application assists in treatment of tendonitis, arthritis, desmitis,hoof injuries, open wounds and skin infection

W1 (1 access door - Max. water level 1.0m)
W2 (2 access doors - Max. water level 1.0m)
W3 (2 access doors - Max. water level 1.2m)



Injury prevention before inflammation develops - Horse Gym's cold salt-water EQUiSPA.
Immersion of lower limbs in temperature controlled water.
Area of use: Rehabilitation & post exercise including treatmet of tendon and suspensory ligament, joints, lower limb pre & post surgery, oedema and swellings.


Specs Overview:


  • Max. water depth: 100cm

  • Filling time to max. water level ca. 1 minute

  • Operating temperature 2-4 degrees C

  • 36 pressure nozzles

  • 2,000l water tank & filtration included

  • Water turnover 2-3 months